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Nov 2017


November 2, 2017

When Robyn Flans saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan that fateful night February 9th, 1964, it molded who she was and what she would become. The music so inspired her that ultimately journalism became her profession and less than 20 years later she would realize a dream by interviewing Ringo Starr.

Robyn has written for such publications as People Magazine, In Touch, Country Weekly and Modern Drummer, as well as a book on Journey and Ed Shaughnessy's memoir, Lucky Drummer. She has written a myriad of CD liner notes and had the good fortune to interview some of the world's biggest celebrities and greatest drummers.

Even before the internet was a reality, Robyn would ponder how she could share her interviews beyond print. She always felt so privileged sitting with someone like Jeff Porcaro and hearing him laugh and wishing somehow she could let everyone have that pleasure. Or hear the true sadness in John Densmore's voice as he spoke about losing Jim Morrison. Or conjure up the smile that Levon Helm had when he laughed that roaring laugh of his. She is finally able to go beyond the black and white page and let you hear what she's heard all these years. You get to be that fly on the wall and hear the unedited version of articles that you may have seen in print that promises to be an entirely different experience!